Thursday, February 11, 2010

i got better things to do than my to-do list anyway

my goodness do i have lots to talk about! i just got back from interim semester in malaysia for 6 days. made some new friends, had fun, got a sunburn, the usual(: i'll explain a little about each picture i guess.
so the third night, we stayed at a fishing village in the middle of the ocean that was sitting on stilts. this is the sunset we saw. THIS IS SOOC (straight off of camera) so no editing done whatsoever to that picture. isn't that incredible?
then that's me. on the beach. haha. im really too awesome.
on the second day, we went on a 4 hour hike. with little to no water. talk about TORTURE. and you can kind of see the mountain in the background of the photo. yeah, we hiked over the entire thing. everyone wanted to die i promise i'm not exagerating.
the next two are me sitting on the beach writing in my journal we had to keep. i guess when i'm 50 i can go back and read it and realize how big of an idiot i've been! (:
the next one is the sunset we saw the first night. i swear, malaysian sunsets are gorgeous! and i know this is because of how much pollution there is but i tell ya. good stuff.
writing in the journal. yay.
haha do you think i could sell this to nivea to use as an advertisement? i think the colors are really cool and i love the focus. :D tell me what you think
that's my extremely muscular friend emily in front of the sunset at the fishing village. i love silhouettes(:
emily, yana, and i carved our initials into a heart in the sand.
halfway through the hike we stopped at a beach to collect shells that we had to identify in a book and stuff, i hated it but i got some really great shells out of it!
bellow is a "prom pictures" sign which i think is soooo sweet! this is actually the only store on the island where we could buy sodas and stuff, but im seriously obsessed with this sign. so cutesy and vintage-like almost
the jetti view from when we first got off the boat. gorgeousssss.
still writing on the beach with my toes-ies in the background :)
we found a heart-shaped rock on the beach! it was so excitingg
and finallyyyy we slept in a tent the second night. talk about breathing in sand all night! but definitely fun.
:) peace


just two songs that seemed fitting! enjoy.


Corny said...

What great pictures--amazing to me that they are from a phone? And I love your narrative! Thank you for writing and posting this!

Love from a very cold, snowy, but sunny Wisconsin
Your Farmor

A said...

I think you should go on "Survivor"