Tuesday, February 16, 2010

let's make it black and white

WOW that is a good video. amazing mix. (: lovvveee bep. i met them in 7th grade, amazing experience, but i'm way too lazy to write the whole story. long story short? one of my best friend's mom is fergie's cousin. end of story. oh yeah and they had a concert in singapore that i went to...okay yeah done.

i went shopping today...with mi madre...which means i could spend more than usual yay! we went to river island and i got tons of stuff. but all worth the $$$ that my mom so willingly *sarcasm* dished out. so the sneakers and long-sleeved shirt i'm wearing are both ri products. i also got some flats for school, skinny jeans, a pretty blue tank, aaannndd i think that's it.
i've had a lovely chinese new year break, but i'm back to school tomorrow! :((((((((((
back to writing my 2,000 word essay for western civ about american and french relations with iraq and with each other. don't ask, the topic just kinda came to me....and now i'm doubting its relevance to, well, anything.
gong xi fa chai!


Josie said...

I love those shorts and the little Keds! I'm a huge fan of black-and-white pictures; I think they're beautiful.
Thank you for dropping by my blog! Yours is adorable -- I can't wait for more!
xxoo Josie

Leah said...

Love the black and white images... and I love that you are having so much fun in the photos.

Happy Wednesday! xoxo

mariam said...

Cute blog :)

im new!

Cookies said...

Oh ! Thank you, you're sweet ! :D

Sudenly-Me said...

wouah cute pictures! it's so nice ! i love your shoes !!
I just begin my blog , if you want to see my style ..

Kiss ! xxx

Quirkygirl said...

Love the karate pic!!! XD


Anonymous said...

LOVE the Keds sneakers on you!! Really hope to see more of them in future pictures. You are so beautiful!