Tuesday, February 2, 2010

sunset boulevard


okay well this is a bit of a cotton on overload, so to keep things simple, everything im wearing is from there except the shorts. yes, it is that bad. hahaha, so this is definitely not my first blog. i kind of have like 4 others. sounds weird, and it probably is, but each is so different. secondstartotheright is what started me with fashion blogging, which i share with the oh so beautiful annika hvide. the traveling dancer is my personal, random, first blog ever where i talk more about the reality of my crazy life. flickr is more like my visual diary i guess. tumblr is more for my inspiration. and THIS is where i can post whatever i want, be it my own fashion, high fashion, photogrophy, art, music, even some of my dance! (im a ballerina! haha) pleeeeaaasseee give me feedback! i'd LOVE to hear it.

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