Thursday, February 4, 2010

you can't win if you never give in

i  apologize for not writing anything the first time. been busy. i took these yesterday before the second season sports awards ceremony. i got my little IASAS last name badge and stuff and it was all good fun (i didn't wear this dress btw, i was dressed pretty blah-ish) so yes! this is a dress from BCBG that my mom actually bought for herself and i think it is adorable beyond belief. the video is "it's only life" by kate voegel and i've been in love with it for a while now. anywhoo, enjoy the weekend! i'm going to malaysia on a remote island for a week so i'll be back later! (:

1 comment:

louisiana mei said...

are those heels like, 4 inches omg.
i couldnt even walk in those for an hour let alone wear them the whole day.