Friday, May 14, 2010

annika will be the "and"

of mary kate AND ashley. (: this is why i love her. tonight was so fun guys. (although i gotta say, the red bull never really kicked in ebs...weird) i got new shoes at new look, we got maggie moo's (where we saw wow tako, which is adorable: see below haha) walked around, tried to get into kick-ass but it's kind of M18 and apparently we didn't act 18, or look it. even though i've gotten into it before. with my more mature looking friends. sorry guys :( TWG TEA HOUSE. happy tea didn't make annika happy, ebony got caramel tea which was pretty good, but i had CHAI TEA. best stuff ever.
happy weekend of studying(:
OH YEAH. laken + heels = falling on face in front of lots of people who will laugh at her.
i hurt my shin... ):

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