Monday, May 31, 2010

listen to this song while you read:
okay, exams are 5/6 over. wow, seeing that show up on the screen actually gave me chills...i'm not gonna miss freshman year but this summer's gonna be a long one. i've missed opportunities and i haven't grown up much, but i've struggled through all life threw at me and i guess i did a pretty good job (i least i'm not a druggie/alcoholic). not to be a butt, but i'm glad some people are moving away. and some are moving back, which is awesome. i wish i had more time to figure things out before summer, but for now i just get to be relieved that my only exam left is english. and by tomorrow that'll be different, and i can be relieved that exams are over.
i'm going back to st. louis in a week. a week from exactly now, i'll be on a plane back to good old st. louis and i'll see abbey and my grandma and the rest of my family. that i'm excited for, but i'm afraid to leave singapore with so many loose ends that still need to be tied up.
i just sound like every other person out there wishing for more time, and no one gets it, so i gotta make use of what i've got left.
sorry for being boring,


CMA said...

really wonderful!!
loving your blog, keep it up!
and thanks for your sweet comment, means the world!


Corny said...

Hi, Lake! So happy your exams are over, and sure hope to see you in the U. S. A.! Love from your Farmor and the gang in Wisconsin!