Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the boredom will consume you.

not to say i don't love love LOVE summer, but it gets boring. this is me when i'm bored. yeaah kinda camera slutty...but hey i like the outfit. dress-forever21. hat-vintage (does it count as vintage if its from my halloween costume in 1st grade? and man i musta had a big head if it still fits. i was madeline that year hah) belt-vintage (it was my moms when she was really little and it fit around my waist i was like yyyeeesss) and the camera was my grandpa's. its about as ancient a canon film camera can get. its so cute i love it. dunno how to work it but i'll learn i guess :)
happy summer

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ilsteviewonder said...

awww! I adore these photos! I love your dress and hat! awesome :)