Friday, July 30, 2010

canada photo diary

the next couple of pictures are all from a place called "hole in the wall" where you jump off of rocks.
yay for planes that land on the water! haha. didn't get to ride in one though :(
nooww we have pictures from inner-tubing (sp?)
and one last gorgeous picture of the moon over the lake
best week of my summer. miss it so much now that i'm back in thank you moesers and babcia for having me! i had such a blast. danielle and i have a couple of photoshoots, but i'll post those separately because these are just random, diary-type pictures to help me remember my awesome time on lake heron.
in the meantime, since summer is coming to a close *sob* here are some pictures to keep my spirits up...and hopefully yours too
happy summer (:

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