Monday, July 12, 2010

the playground.

this saturday was spent monkeying around with my cousin and my brother at a school playground while our parents ran a garage sale. whoopeee. today is that cousin's birthday, so happy 17th abbey! i'm taking her somewhere special today but i can't write it here til after cause she might see it haha.

i really really love this combo.
wallet: urban outfitters
anthropologie tag
necklace: great-grandmother's antique


ilsteviewonder said...

ahh! I love it! :)

cássia said...

these necklace is perfect *-*

A said...

That's not fair that you have Grandma C's necklace. I'm jealous. Saturday was fun (at the playground), buy my birthday was even better :) please post the pictures soon! Oh, you can give me a copy of all of them too please...