Friday, August 6, 2010

Almond Milk Ice. Chinatown.

sorry for the bajillion pictures. i just love them all :)
for anyone who's interested, that first picture is of the most delicious thing you will ever eat if you go get it. it's in chinatown, singapore. you won't regret dragging your butt out there once that's sitting in your tummy!
alrighty, school starts in about a week. adslfkja;glksjdf;laskdjgalskdhalskgjasldkfhaslgkjd. no complaining though. my horoscope says i need to chill out about i will go do yoga? idk.


noura. said...

this looks like so much fun

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KC said...

you girls are so fierce!! love it!! it looks like you're shooting an editorial here.

Rand said...

really really really LOVELY!!!!!!:)

Vicki said...

fab photos!! looks like you had such a fun time :) x

Zahara said...

love the scenery! how's it like to live in singapore? :o


Claude said...

these photos are really good! i especially love the ones with the lanterns above! :-)