Sunday, September 19, 2010

il est nécessaire

is this gorgeous or what? it was taken by my fabulous cousin abbey WHO I MISS VERY MUCH BTW. she better start her own business soon (hey abs, i'm glad you finally found a use for your guitar! aha).
so yeah, i'm super in love with these and i wanna see more from her! i want to do more serious photography like this again, but with school and everything, it might not happen too soon.
i've realized that i'm letting the tragedies in my life define who i am, instead of the positive things that happen. and i guess that sort of happens to a lot of people because you learn the most from the hard times, but i want to be a happier person. i don't laugh as much as i used to, and i feel like my friends don't make me as happy as they did last year. i don't know if high school is just getting to me or whatever (speaking of which, i need to get back to my ap euro homework...) but i'm trying to be more positive.
stay happy folks.
someone out there loves ya no matter what, and that's really all you need


Allegra said...

wonderful!! it really looks amazing!

thanks for your super cute comment!! loved to read it and I think you have very cool pics too!! keep at it :)

{ I V Y } said...


Flashes of Style said...

gorgeous flowers!! <3

Claude said...

that photo is really beautiful! :)

agatiszka said...

Great photos!!

Maria Evans said...

nice blog girl.


PS: Hope to see u in my blog! =)

Vicky K. said...


(new post: A currywurst around the corner
& follow me)

My Republic of Fashion said...

Gorgeous flower. :)SarahD

A said...

Thanks everyone for commenting on my photos! I appreciate them all!
Hey laken, can you maybe find a more attractive photo of where i'm not staring at the backs of my legs? haha.
I'm going out to the lake this weekend, so hopefully I can get some awesome pix.