Thursday, October 21, 2010

sixteen. part 1.

 card reads: "thought you might like some roasted nuts for your birthday." 
abbey, you know me too well. henrik made me explain why this is funny. hahaha

october 21st, 2010. annndddd i'm sixteen :)
first of all, thank you to grandma, farmor, farfar, and abbey/aunt laurie/uncle jimmy for your cards and emails! i got them all and appreciate them so much. i love and miss you all!
  • roses and vase + birdcage from mom
  • season 1 of two and a half men from henrik (best present so far)
  • guess pouch from tri
  • moolah from papa
thank you thank you thank you thank you.
so i'm sixteen, and i'm supposed to have some big emotional thing about how i've changed so much over the past year but honestly i feel like i'm still 12 sometimes. and especially being in singapore, you can't do anything when you're 16 except get in to better movies (excited, ebs?).

part 2 coming up this sunday after my party.
the brownies were delicious btw.


abbey said...

Happy Birthday to an amazing cousin/friend! I miss you sooooo much!
Loves from St. Louis!!!
PS: glad you like the card...don't throw it away...i still have your card you gave me...right next to my bed :)

Vicky K. said...

lovely pics!!

(new post: The Colours of Autumn & follow me)