Thursday, June 16, 2011

light sabers

long sleeved-t express; flag shorts topshop; sunglasses target; sneakers cotton on; light sabers belong to my brother

hooray for the red white and blue! however, the blue in my hair is nearly washed out! it looks almost silvery right now which is actually pretty cool, i don't mind.
well now that i'm back in the US of A i've been taking dance classes and exploring the wonderful city of St. Louis. i come back here every summer and each time i discover something new about it. i've already spent time in the missouri botanical gardens with my cousin (photos to come) and am LOVING the amazingly cool weather! it feels like heaven compared to the sticky humidity of singapore weather.
anywho, i hope you're all enjoying your summers!


Anonymous said...

It looks like your summer is going to be a blast!
Take care,

Chelsea Lane said...

I am so loving those flag shorts!


Sofie said...

Hey :D
Nice blog :)
Do you want to follow each other? :D
let me know!!

Ria S said...

Hi dear, thanks for your comment :)
I love the flag shorts. Your outfit looks really comfortable.

Shilpi said...

nice shorts, and I love your hair :)



Kedsman said...

The tennies and those shorts ROCK!!! So crazy sexy!!!