Friday, November 18, 2011


because nia requested i post something, her wish is my command :) these are some sketches i've done in the past week. the first two are done in pen, the last in pencil. sorry this isn't so interesting, i might get some cool photos done today that i can share


Jenni said...

keep up the great work, your sketches are awesome! I wish I could sketch well too!! xx

nia ja'nae said...

ahhhhh! your sketches are awesome <3
your amazing laken!

Corny said...

Au contraire! VERY interesting--i bet you could get a job with J. Peterman--have you ever seen their catalogs?

Anonymous said...

Wow these are fabulous! You are very talented!

Caroline said...

the first dress looks beautiful x

Anna said...

you are absolutely amazing at sketching! so jealous:)