Tuesday, March 2, 2010

i'm a philosopher

so i was reading teen vogue, march edition, and i started thinking: why does everyone think they have to figure out exactly who they are right now? 
i saw dakota fanning and someone said they were so glad that as a 15 year old she was able to make such good choices. how can she be so sure of herself and her decisions? 
and then mia wasikowska was a ballerina who spontaneously decided she wanted to act. when she was 21.
for the longest time, i thought that if i didn't become famous for singing or dancing at a young age, then it was never gonna happen.
it suddenly hit me that i was thirteen. so a) i was a stupid seventh grader who didn't know anything, b) i had absolutely no idea who i was and what i wanted to do and c) even if i had miraculously accomplished one of those things and become ridiculously famous, if it happens when you're so young, are you sure you're going to be happy with it forever? of course not!
of course i know what i like. i dance. i sing. i act. i play guitar. i want to play piano. 
i'm just gonna do as much of that as i possibly can until i can pick out which things are really gonna take me somewhere and keep me happy. 
laken, you do not need to be famous right now.
and trust me, it's not going to.
that's why i think having a fashion blog is perfect for me. at 15, i still have no clue what i want out of life or who i freaking am, but no matter what i can always come back to this and actually track what it is i've been doing all this time. it's showing me how i've grown and how i'm changing to fit the world's needs, or how i'm changing my world to fit mine. 
i can do pretty much whatever with fashion, and that's what i need now. experiment. have fun!
you're never too old to figure out what you want. but, like me, you can definitely be too young to know anything.
no stress! everything works out in the end(:

relax, read a book. time to think and figure things out.

the best kind of therapy(:

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The Milliner said...

First of all : woooosh! (big breath let out) fantastic blog! Seriously, it's one of the few where the pictures are actually, actually interesting (and not just about the clothes) I've seen so far, so congrats (brownie points!! lol).

Second of all: This is the post with no comments on YET so i'll leave mine here, but in truth, I've read quite a few (posts) so far, and must admit, it's hard to pick a fave.

But your pictures...they're just, sooo full of energy, it's amazing, so dearest Laken, after a very long (and still unfinished)quest of the blogosphere, I have decided to nominate you as one of my Bloggers of the Month (cheesy, but I haven't seen one of this around, so let's make it a first! :) ).

And thank you for the comment on my blog, three months in, still feeling like the new girl in a new school, so that was nice!

bacci cara!