Thursday, March 4, 2010

suddenly i see

i'm finally taking ballet again! after a lovely 12 month break, i'm back in the game. having taken a class with an amazing teacher, and it's not just cause she's french, i now remember what i love about dancing! when i was at that lame singaporean british-style school, i forgot what dancing was like and just spent the whole time moping about how i was the only one there who had hips, i was the only non-asian, the only blonde, the biggest thighs. now i don't care and all i can do is think about the dancing. i'm so excited to get back into ballet-mode since i now realize what i've been missing. 

and something to make you giggle:

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Chiara said...

Hi Laken!

Thanks for the sweet comment!

I love dance too, I really understand what does you mean in your post...