Saturday, March 6, 2010

nothin' on you, wild child.

okay it's sunday and i need to be working on my iraq/france/u.s. foreign policy paper. asglkajsdflksaj;ldskjgalkfgja;sdlfkjds.
so yesterday, saturday, i got a pedicure (that you can kinda see in the third to last photo of my shoes, i love it!) and i spent the whole time reading this book: 

i felt really smart since i understand 99% of it and i'm a 9th grader haha. phew it is a long book. i'm halfway through. i have two weeks to finish it, explain bush's foreign policy, explain france's foreign policy, and compare the two to today. jesussssss.

okay so yeah i need to be doing my homework but i needed a break and a photo shoot sounded good.
i saw up in the air yesterday! it was filmed in st. louis and i was like helllll to the yea. and george clooney was in it. there's a point where he's standing in front of the airport and im gonna go stand there and be like yooooo i'm george clooney.

isn't this song adorable? i kinda love it.

love always,


helen said...

that is quite the skirt, unique style. love it.

helen xx

mila said...

I love your skirt! The pictures you took are amazing-much better than mine:P