Saturday, March 6, 2010

spanish, french, asian.

okay so i'm going to paris, right? well incase you didn't know, that is right, CAUSE I AMMMM. spring break! gah i'm so excited!!!! anyway, yesterday i did some mega shopping for it because, living in singapore, you don't need coats or tights or sweaters or any of that, but you do in paris in march! so i went to top shop and got three pairs of tights (black, red, and pale pink with gray hearts) and then i got some ballet stuff (leotards, pink tights, shoes) and finally, my mom took me into Desigual and got me the most amazing coat in the world. it looks sorta like that one ^ but i'm not gonna show you the actual one til paris. you have to wait! as do i to wear it :( which is slightly depressing, but hey, i have it! mehhhhh so excited. two weeks from now, i'll have already been in paris for like two days. 
enjoy these other pictures from desigual. i just really like them :)

abbey got me hooked! ^

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A said...

yay me!!! i <3 that song so much! i also love the "ocean breathes salty" by them