Monday, March 29, 2010

south park en français

i'm just going to copy down what i wrote in my journal:
we ate breakfast at a café right around the corner of our hotel in the latin quarter
i ordered an omelette
*note, Parisians don't eat omelets for breakfast*

Metro time! We took it up north to go to a flea market where i got a bag from morocco and an extremely warm scarf. they mostly sold repeats of the same stuff all around, which included baby milo sweatshirts galore!

We then took the metro to Sacré Coeur and you have to take ramps up the side for the view, and on the way I got stopped by some african guy, from Guinea i later learned, who immediately started making me a bracelet, like the friendship-bracelet kind. i literally could not get away from him and he was just like blah blah blah blabberin away in french. he was cool tho(:
I tried about a thousand times to get a picture of myself jumping in front of the church, but my mom is a camera fail so i'm not in the air for ANY of them. you can see that below.

We walked over to the artist's square place and i got my portrait done. it's okay, but you'll see that i get a better one later.

Once that was finished, we were going to walk over to the café where Amélie was filmed, but we found a Salvador Dali exhibit before we got there so we stopped in. it was suuper cool, some amazing stuff.

Walked through Montmartre to get to the Amélie café (Les Deux Moulins) and had vegetarian croque-monsieurs.

We took the metro home and planned to take a tiny little nap before dinner but wound up sleeping through the night anyway.

love always,


cynthia hood said...

well, even if she's a camera fail, at least your mom took you to paris. you're so lucky. your mom must really rock.

Corny said...

I think you are BOTH awesome photographers!