Thursday, April 1, 2010

let's pour beer on jim morrison's grave

jour 3-from the journal
i woke up at 6 am because i forgot to turn off my alarm for school days, this being a monday, and tried to fall asleep unsuccessfully for 8 minutes. i decided to get up and take a shower. now let me tell you, our shower was completely and totally retarded. the head shot out water in the weirdest way and liked to fall out of its stand and scare the crap out of you (also while hitting your toe and the top of the shower head falling off).
Anyway, we walked around teh block and found breakfast at a little corner place. I had a baguette, croissante, yogurt, and latté a la canèlle *NOTE* Canelle means cinnamon. In French, cinnamon is a feminine word, so "a la" is used instead of "au". I learned this because I ordered the latté saying au...oopsies
Time to take the metro! We rode it up to Père Lachaise, the cemetary with all the famous people burried in it. It was really cold and chilled out, but it almost made the experience more perfect. It was a little spookier and a little more charming. The only famous grave I saw was that of Jim Morrison, some guy from some band that apparently was popular. Apparently, people sit around smoking there and doing drugs in his "honor". Well, when I saw it, some drunk Spanish guy (keep in mind, it's about 9 am) chugs half a beer and then pours the rest all over the grave "out of respect"....Great. We walked around longer looking for Oscar Wilde's grave, but I didn't get to see it 'ause we got lost :( I wanted to cause it's featured in the film "Paris, Je t'Aime" but oh well.
Back to the metro! We went to Le Marais for some shopping. This is a prominently Jewish area of Paris with lots of great little boutiques. We found this quirky place with the most random stuff, such as turtle wallets (not the skin or anything, just wallets with turtles on them), hamburger phones, and Cindy shoehorns. We went into a lot of expensive boutiques but bought nothing. We stopped at a cafè and I got this really good english breakfast tea. We kept walking through the area and found an amazing little shoe store where we go wedge boots and gray heels. 
Took the metro to the Galeries Lafayette, this huge-a** department store in the center of Paris high-fashion (across from the opera house). That place was pretty incredible. We went straight to the top floor and ate lunch (pasta that I ordered by myself + a salad + some freaking good $10 chocolate ice cream!) and enjoyed the stunning viewed. Then we went up to the roof and enjoyed an even better view! We went back downstairs so my mom could be a total tourist and stare at the different types of Eiffel Tower-shaped chocolates and other stupid souvenirs (love you, mom). We spent a while looking at clothes but didn't buy anything. The shoe department in the basement was intimidating, I didn't like it. We walked over to H&M in the next building where I got a gray, cool-sleeved t-shirt and a sweet pink shirt with a black ribbon belt. 
We were so exhausted that we had to go back to the hotel and rest (but we didn't fall asleep all night this time!) We watched a Chuck Norris movie translated into French...I quite enjoyed it. Then my mom thought it'd be a good idea to find one of the cafés from her guide book and do our 'homework' there. So we walk the whole freaking way there only to find that it's super fancy because Hemingway wrote one of his books there a while ago and now it's all famous and, well, fancy. On the way there, I sat down to wait while my mom got some $, and some little guy gets all up in my face and says "tes lunettes sont bleus! blah blah blah french-words-that-blur-together" and i was kinda like uhhh, wtf? So yeah, we walked past les Jardins de Luxembourg, which I recognized because I remembered the McDonalds across the street (fail.) We also passed Le Panthéon (where Rousseau and Voltaire are burried). So once we've walked down almost the entire Ave. Saint Michele, we find a different little café where we ordered tuna sandwiches, which i had a very hard time eating without being a total slob. I had two glasses of milk while I wrote in my journal. Took the metro home and it was absolutely freezing. We stopped @ Starbucks to get vanilla frapuccinos and vitamin water, watched Friends en français, and fell asleep.


Corny said...

That's funny, cuz when I saw the pictures earlier without the commentary, I thought you had SOUGHT OUT Jim Morrison's grave! Yes, he was a singer of some kind.....

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