Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jour 4-Mardi.

I've realized that I really need to finish all my Paris posts since I planned them all out so carefully. So here we go: (this is, again, from the journal) Mom woke me up at 7 because she had to turn her reading light on. grr. We took the metro straight to the Musée d'Orsay, and stopped to get breakfast on the Boulevard Saint-Germain. The cafe was called Mucha. We had a traditional parisien breakfast, then walked back to the museum. We stood in line to get in for what seemed like ages. We watched a group of american students and talked about weird french teachers (cough cough mother). When we went through security, the guard was indian so I started thinking about roti prata (:Got in, and turns out a lot of the museum was closed, but the ipressionist paintings had been moved downstairs so we could still see them. My feet hurt so bad after walking around so I sat on the steps outside and wrote in my journal. While I was writing, a sweet little old woman needed to use the railing so I stood up to let her pass and she talked to me a little -- en francais. I liked her :) I sat on those steps for so long that I started to get worried, but it turns out my mom went out the other exit and couldn't find me. eventually, she did. We walked down the Seine to go th le pont Alexandre III to recreate a picture I saw in teen vogue (the first picture) That bridge is amazing! crossed the bridge and walked almost the entire length of the champs-élysee to find a metro. My feet were hurting like CRAZY. we went by the obélisque and then took the metro to the hotel. Mom went to get crepes while I went to the hotel to rest my feet. She came back with the most intense crepe I've ever eaten. It was from a recommended creperie from the Rue Mouffetardd. Let me attempt to describe this crepe: It had a TON of cheese in it, it was wrapped around a huge lump of sautéed veggies with cheese of alll kinds, and pretty much impossible to eat due to its size. I couldn't finish it, it was that big and filling. We chilled and watched extreme home makeover -- en francais - and it made us both cry because Ann-Marie, a mother, died and the kids were so cute and then their house was so pretty. :( We finally got off our butts and went to the Ile saint-louis for ice cream, and walked around popping into random stores. I got lemonade at a cafe. Twas lovely. At twilight, we walked over to notre dame and just sat there looking at it for a while. I went up to get my picture taken in front of it, and some gross guy umped up and got in the picture and started talking to me. His breath smelled like smoke and he wanted me to go talk to his friends but i was like oh hell no. We walked all the way back to the hotel from notre dame. Fell asleep.
If you read all of that, you're amazing. thank you :)


Corny said...

Thank you, Lake! I really enjoy your journals! Love, Farmor

Eleh said...

gorgeous pictures you have there :)

anyway you're residing in singapore? cool :D