Wednesday, May 5, 2010

chicago 2.0

okay my mother wanted me to clear something up: this was not my FIRST musical (i've seen plenty at the muny in st. louis HOLLA) but this was my first big huge production broadway-esque musical i'd ever been to. so there, mother. happy?
i went with my asian friend chelsea. she's hiding her beautiful face but you can see the woman next to her's face and i crack up every time i see it. we were a little abnoxious and i think that lady didn't like us (:
and guess what i found out today!!!
a) i'm doing musical training camp this summer at COCA
b) next year's school musical is GREASE. I COULD NOT BE MORE PSYCHED FOR THAT.
the rest of 2010 is gonna rock. i just know it. xx.
(the dress is vintage!)

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