Monday, August 9, 2010

Listening too long to one song...

alright, i've had these ideas for a while and i wanna get them out there. this is part of an email i sent to my grandma/life consultant to see what she had to say.
 "I was thinking about how once school starts, everyday is practically the same routine and how boring it is, and how in my time at school, I'm basically not doing anything differently here than I could be in St. Louis, how I'm not taking advantage of my situation. And in the big picture, I'm contributing nothing to the world. My mom said that when your student, that's just how it is. But I'm finding that hard to accept and I just wanna do something! I was considering volunteering in Nepal over Spring/Fall break or something. Not really sure. Because it's not just the whole volunteering part...but to be able to personally interact with a suffering person and hopefully helping them out a little bit. Of course, my friends say I'm crazy for thinking that I'm just gonna up and go to Nepal by myself (but with a volunteer program, I've found a few) so I guess I'm a little out of my mind..and age group haha.
Any ideas that might either talk me out of it or something..simpler?"
that's all i'm gonna say.
enjoy the look


Elisabeth said...

georgous pictures ! the shoes are amazing on you !

A said...

I see my Steak N' Shake present in that last photo :)
GO TO NEPAL! i'll go with you...idk what you're doing there, but i'll go