Thursday, August 12, 2010

the boredom will consume you. part 2


CC said...

Sequins! *heart*
Love the mask. :)

Sara Louise said...

Lovely blog – cool write ups and fabulous pictures

beckyxoxo said...

I love that dress ! :D Nice blog !

stylison said...

hi are you a Singaporean?
I am=)
Im a fashion blogger too. I saw your interview at a country girl interview is up there too.
do check out my blog and follow if you want=)


Mia Delessi said...

I love your dress

Jenni said...

loving the green and gold against the sequin LBD :)
very cute

J. said...

good mix styles!

Fashionlee said...

love your sequin dress :D
tres chic!

Zahara said...

well, at least singapore sounds very tropical :)

thank you very much!!


Benoit said...

great outfit!


Athena_Trendsetter said...

Nice sequined dress but I wouldn't match it with a hoodie. Nice try, though.

Athena xxxxx

singingsimon said...

I love the first picture((:
This is all really awesome.