Tuesday, September 7, 2010

i'm sick of living like i'm dying while the world is moving on.

current obsession: frankie magazine
my mom got me an issue of frankie for christmas this past year and i loved it but hadn't found another issue since. (UNTIL SUNDAAY) when i went to the grocery store with annika and found a stand selling it. aaannndd i'm hooked again :) not only is their website ridiculously cute, but i'm obsessed with their writing style and images. and man these people have the best taste in music! (hey family, my birthday's coming up. subscription perhaps?)
here's my favorite new band, recommended by none other than frankie
talk is cheap but lies are even cheaper.
moving on. i have pictures to shareee so here ya go:
here come the words...
so today I had AP euro, and so far it's been tough. by tough, i mean i've been re-doing tons of assignments i've been trudging through because the text just doesn't interest me. so this guy killed that guy and there was a war where insignificant people got overly dramatic about something. (i know, i sound insanely ignorant. but it gets better) TODAY things finally got interesting. we talked about the bigger picture, which i've been waiting for. we discussed hobbes and his thoughts on greed being the motive for negative human actions, which i agree with completely. philosophers and their philosophies dominated conversation towards the end and i just loved it. don't feel like putting specifics up here cause i dont wanna overthink it. i just walked out of class today feeling really happy like i'd actually learned something meaningful. good feeling right?
well, tomorrow's wednesday. this is good. that means more than halfway (because thursday's a half day and friday's off...)
and i'll leave you with another song :)


Corny said...

Hope your teacher caught on! (I, in some contrast to Hobbes, believe humans are EXACTLY half greedy and half altruistic, and the smallest thing can push or pull them to one side or the other)

My Republic of Fashion said...

That magazine looks great. Cute pics! :) sarahD

Claude said...

really nice pics! your house/appt is beautiful! :)

Violetta E. said...

cool pocs!

Puck Litaay said...

I can understand how you can obsess over a magazine with such a cute cover as this one.

Puck @ ONEOFPOINTS.blogspot.com

Laura Sophie said...

haha, how cool is that?! :-->

louisiana mei said...

i looooooove frankie
get it at kinokuniya! their issues arent as frequent as teen vogue or seventeen or whatever though. the next one will be out in november


lovely pictures as always
the top hat is classic


Danielle said...

hey beautiful!
wonderful pictures!!! the top hat is excellent.
and nice music - i saw the morning benders in new york, with the submarines and dawn landes, they were great!

LadyFLASHBACK said...

i constantly wish i could get Frankie !!

such a great publication, filled with the prettiest photos

jess s//ladyflashback.com