Tuesday, August 31, 2010

i was born a unicorn

golden hour à singapour. c'est vraiment jolie, non? alright guys, i've got huge news. and it's not the good kind.
3 weeks ago, on August 15th, my bed caught fire and proceeded to destroy the rest of my bedroom. we can't live in our apartment presently because the construction's gonna take 2 months. fun right? so that explains my lack of blogging lately. it's been absolutely crazy. so yeah. i'm sure you want pictures because we're all just little nosy nosies aren't we :)
my room.
the hallway.
aaaannnddd my ceiling. so yeah. there, now ya know :)



PersonalShop said...

I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT ( the skirt is super!), more you have really beautiful hair..
Bisous Bisous
PS / i'm your new follower

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

The photos you took are so dreamy, love em! But ohmygosh... that's awful about your bed. Best of luck getting things fixed soon!

Simuša said...

u got very nice hair :)

Claude said...

I love your skirt! That is awful about your appt!! How did it start? :0

fhen said...

those are adorable outfit!
and omg hope the apartment can be repaired soon!

Isabel said...

i love the booties and im so sorry about your apartment...so scary!

Annie @ Wiloh said...

Such pretty skirts!
So sorry about the fire, that's so scary! I
m glad no one was hurt.

Cookies said...

Thank you so much beauty :D

Annabel said...

wow thats so ridiculous about the fire! Goodluck fixing it up, and i love how you wear sequins for day!

Wynne Prasetyo said...

aww I love the look with the long sleeves blouse! the boots are so Alexander McQueen!

I noticed you are following me, thank you so much :)

Allegra said...

wow! you have amazing hair :D and I also love the sparkling skirts!! amazing

Puck Litaay said...

That dark sequin skirt is amazing, gosh.

Puck @ ONEOFPOINTS.blogspot.com