Friday, November 12, 2010

ghosts of the night, simply temporary.

dress-far east plaza
belt-far east plaza
heels-im@ge turn
tights-from ballet (:

alright my lovely 33 followers, i haven't much to say tonight. i finally got the new issue of frankie and nylon, and also got Tintin au Pays des Soviets. had starbucks with two of my favorite people, and went shopping. 


Agitarsi said...

Gorgeous dress!

Heels lover said...

You're so cuuuute! Love those with thights paired with the heels! And that dress is so pretty:)

♥ kisses ♥

ediot said...

great scenery
and i adore the pattern of your dress.
thanks for stopping by me
hope you had a wonderful weekend
take care

Jenny said...

I just love white tights! They don't get worn enuogh!

Chelsea Lane said...

thank you so much! your shoes are amazing here, following :)


jessidebergerac said...

Thank you for the comment! This dress is gorgeous, and I love the tutu and top hat in the previous post!



Aida said...

nice blog!

Ayanna Michelle said...

Looks almost magical. Really cute!

Quench Fab

ilsteviewonder said...

cute dress! I love the photo of you on the ground. so diff since you have a dress on :)

Joon. said...

Great look! :)

Zarna said...

those shoes are so beautiful with the tights. the colors go together so well!


head over heels said...

love your shoes and dress - so pretty :) x

Jess ♡ said...

Girl you are absolutely STUNNING. I love the pattern of the dress and those heels <3! You have the best legs EVER :)

coco said...

Adorable outfit! I'm loving your shoes :}

xoxo coco

Cristiana.C said...

wonderful outfit! this dress is very beautiful!
thanks for the comment! If you Are obsessed with glamour we could be followers each other, what do you think? tell me something!