Friday, May 27, 2011

old school

my little brother performed in his first play ever this morning! to celebrate, we headed over to old school delights to sample their lovely cakes and lime juice (and french fries for my brother of course).

necklace f21, skirt/sneakers cotton on, blouse vintage

well world, only 3 more exams and i'm a JUNIOR. aldkfjalsdfjalsdkjfd.

p.s. 9 days (and a 28 hour plane ride) til I'm in St. Louis!!


ediot said...

hi darling. it looks like you had a nice time, you look so cute,
hope you're having a wonderful weekend

Kristen Leo said...

beautiful shirt! love the place, it looks so cute and cozy! <3

Marie-Renée said...

hi there (:
thank you so much!
& I really like your blog, you look cute btw.
I followed

Victoria said...

super pretty, i want the same hair !
nice pictures =)

Welcome to my jungle said...

Hi thanks so much for your lovely comment. I like the style of your photos a lot! Looks great.
Hope you´ll visit me again.


Anonymous said...

great pics!!! like ur nailpolish!
thnx for ur comment on our blog :D


Virginia said...

that place looks crazy cool! ahh gotta love awesome cafe's that not only are aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also serve bomb food! ahh lucky!

Virginia said...


Mary said...

Really cute outfit!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your brother... Thanks for sharing the celebration with us..
I simply love your hair... what a beautiful style.
Good luck with your exams... and wow... what a super long plane ride!
Take care,

Angela said...

Super déjeuner!!!
Angela Donava

Shevah said...

I'm obsessed with your oversized shirt! :)

Gorgeous Clara said...

love the blouse and the nailpolish!

Zarna said...

congrats on almost being a junior!! i love your nails btw!

Marella said...

Gorgeous outfit and amazing blog!
Following! Follow back? <3

Annalisa Babysan Laterza said...

Hi dear!!! Thank you sooo much for the comment! ^^

Baci from Babysan