Wednesday, June 1, 2011

triple exposure

dress topshop; earings diva; sneakers cotton on

asldkfjasldkfjalskdfjlsadfkj ITS FINALLY HERE. and it's crazy hard to believe. like wow. wow. wow.
*technically i still have to go to school tomorrow (they gave us wednesday off...why? no one knows) but you know what, not gonna burst my own bubble*

spent my first day of summer watching kung fu panda 2 (AMAZING. was not expecting it to be that amazing. definitely recommend it 100%) eating pizza, and taking the 5-escalator journey to the roof of orchard central for this awesome (but kinda foggy) view of singapore.

here are some recent polaroid shots! i finally got more film.
happy summer!


the sparkling dust said...

I love your lace dress, you look so cute, and I really love the way you pair your dress with sport shoes <3

fishyfacedesigns said...


I love your dress.. and the earrings. Your photo's turned out great and the polariods are too fun... I found my old polariod a couple of months ago...thanks for the inspiration to USE IT! Enjoy your summer...
Take care,

Angela said...

Superbes ces photos!!!!Belle robe:)

Angela Donava

yiqin; said...

that dress is so cute and really suits you.

Ashley said...

I LOVE your earrings! And that is the cutest dress ever :)


menina elegante said...

I. Adore. Your. Dress!!! Just gorgeous! :D You look stunning!
And lucky you to have summer!! I still have...sigh.. 25 more days until summer. :/ Wish I could go bask in the sun but I guess not yet. :P x

Zoë Kate said...

Such gorgeous earrings! And love your instant pics! Is that actually Polaroid film??? Or is it Fuji Instax? I miss Polaroid....sigh...


Elbertine Lau said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Your dress is such a wonder! :) And good for you it's already your summer.School's about to begin in a week for me:(

akiko said...

Thank you for your comment :) Love your dress and earrings too! You look great in it.
I just followed your blog and it'd be great if you do mine too :)


Becca. said...

love love love your white lace dress, you look stunning and it looks amazing with your hair!

thanks for the comment on my blog :)

Shevah said...

Completely in love with that dress. It's beautiful!

MyDailyGlamour said...

What a great title for your blog !!! I love Chai Tea and drink it every morning !! Fab !!!

Love your blog too ! and thanks for visiting my blog and commenting ! I hope you Follow me as I'm your follower now !!


Cortnie Elizabeth said...

Lovely dress! I like it with the Keds.

Check out my blog some time at!