Saturday, July 31, 2010

we climbed to the top of that pine tree

alrighty, photoshoot from canada numero uno. on day two in canada we took a hike and had no exact destination. we literally stumbled upon some woods and then a clearing. ^ those are inukshuks, aren't they cool? so here we go.
yeah, it was pretty scary up there. came down with really scratched up legs
round 2 coming up later this week.


Nana S-D García said...

Nice photos!

Krimly said...

I couldn't answer you before because I went on holiday! Thanks so much for your comments, they made me so happy! :)

btw, great photos!

My Cherry Gum

wobblinbetty said...

great shots and I ove the make -up!

Danielle said...

the photos look sooooo good!! you are awesome!

Heather said...

Your make-up is amazing. I love the 9th? picture down. Wind in hair and ocean back drop goregous. Also love the close up picture and the last picture. Lovely job to the two of you ladies.

LeatherNXG said...

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