Friday, September 17, 2010

a resevoir.

hellloooo my beautiful 21 followers. just wanted to say that I LOVE YOU GUYS cause you somehow got me from 3 to 21. :) lots of love for you guys! (omg i just realized 21 is my lucky number <333 you are all amazing!!)
in other news:
because my flat burned down (as many of you know) i've moved to a new one near the most gorgeous resevoir! who knew singapore had places like this? anywho, i finally made my way over there tonight. stay tuned after the photos for a little story :)
(two ways to wear a striped long-sleeved shirt)
maxi dress-marshalls. belt-vintage. glasses-ray ban vintage. heels-forever 21. shorts-aeropostale. 
so at this resevoir, as my mom warned me before i wandered over, there are lots of monkeys. i didn't really know that i was terrified of monkeys until now. so i set my bag down with all of my stuff in it and set-up my camera on self-timer and right as i'm about to turn to walk and take a picture, a monkey comes walking towards me. i kinda scurried back to my stuff and picked it up, and the monkey starts RUNNING towards me. i was literally thinking okay this monkey is going to attack me. and when i scream and wave my arms, it's going to hiss and bite my head. and then i'm going to be running around with a savage monkey on my head. and there's nobody here to save me..
luckily, by just turning around and walking away, the monkey just stopped and decided to sit where i'd just picked up all my stuff from.
monkey attack #2.
i've got my bag on the ground and my camera on a wall near the water so that i can do self-timer. after a few pictures, a monkey comes walking along the wall right towards my camera. i ran right to my camera and ran away from the wall, and realized that i left my bag. i looked back and the monkey started scratching itself (lovely). once again, mind proccess: if i get too close to the monkey, it's gonna jump on my head and bite me and no one will save me. or it's gonna get to my bag before i do and start messing with my phone or something and then run away with my bag and i'll never get it back. and then i won't have my key so i'll be locked out forever. ehhhhh...
I slowly walked towards my bag and as i did so, the monkey just hopped off the wall and ran away. yipee. so nothing crazy happened, but i certainly hyperventalated a few times.
and now, my fair people, i leave you with a song :)
happy weekend!


My Republic of Fashion said...

Cute outfits. Love your striped top. :)SarahD

Claude said...

i love your top and good ideas!
that last pic is beautiful too!

Leonie said...

I love that top and your style! Great blog hehe! And furthermore: I love John Mayer- i'm such a big fan haha!

Sassi said...

love your skirt!

Camilla said...

fantastic style!

Puck Litaay said...

I love the belt on that striped top, amazing styling.


.sabo skirt. said...

loving stripes and maxi skirts this season

stop by our fashion blog =)
xoxo .sabo skirt.

Karoline Kalvø said...

Great blog and style. I am now following your blog and look forward to your posts. Just stunning.

Lots of love