Saturday, October 22, 2011


steve madden wedges; tabitha for cambodia bracelet; ray ban sunglasses; cotton on dress

as i was getting ready to post this outfit, it dawned on me that i never properly introduced my cat coco. we've had her a good 8-9 months now, so she's no kitty anymore. she's completely psychotic and mean to us whenever our helper is around (she really only likes our helper and it drives us all crazy) but she can be a real sweetheart. i had no say in the name because my family got her while i was in paris, so the name was all henrik's choosing. i would have gone for something mroe harry potter-esque but meh...coco it is.
update on my life: i spent the past week of my life on the verge of death with a stomach infection from hell. i've never been so sick IN MY LIFE. i went to the hospital twice and saw 3 different doctors, and it's still uncertain what i had. it all appeared that i had the stomach flu, which is viral, but antibiotics were the meds that finally cured me so it's a bacterial version of the stomach flu? alskfjslkfj whatever the point is, I FEEL BETTER. and spending a week where 90% of the time i was on the toilet was seriously the msot degrading thing ever. i'm soooo glad to be up on my feet and out of this apartment that i've spent waaaaay too much time in.
in other news, i turned seventeen on friday!


weasel said...

Oh, how lovely is this dress, and your shoes are fantastic!
Coco is beautiful, I love cats!

briannelee said...

Love your shoes!

Cats are the best :)

heylila said...

glad that you feel better, stomach ache is awful...until I found out a food intolerance I had stomach ache so so often!



rosecandle11 said...

lovely shooes:)


Naina said...

Love your shoes, and your CAT! Haha, glad that you're feeling better hun :)

akiko said...

Pretty dress and you look lovely! I really love your shoes.. The color and mary-jane looks perfect! -akiko

Anula said...

Oh you look amazing!! I love your shoes!!

t said...

Cute shoes and cute cat!

Stylelover said...

You look really nice sweety and coco is just perfect!!!

Vale ♥ said...

Glad you are feeling better, stomach flu is one of the worst things ever, I know it !
Your cat is adorable and you're so beautiful, love your hair ! I think your blog is very nice, I would like to invite you to my blog, check it out and if you like it we might follow each other ! Kisses

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lifeisamaze said...

Beautiful outfit, I love your shoes !!

Esmee D said...

Hi! you look lovely! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! And by the way, that kitty is adorable!

lisa signorini said...

cool post!!!
thanks for your comment on my blog, hope you'll be my new follower!!


Cheryl Julia said...

Love the simple but sophisticated outfit! :)

Bang and Buck said...

love love love thee photos!


Bang & Buck

Julie Khuu said...

Your wedges are soooo FAB!! Perfect addition for any girl's Fall wardrobe! Great find!

Thank you for visiting my blog, hope to see you back soon!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

LOVE IT! badass

Rocket Fashionista said...

Those shoes are AMAZING!


Jamie said...

LOVE your hair!!

Elizabeth said...

I love this outfit! I was sort of surprised at the singapore "uniform" when I was there but you seem to be making it your own with this beautiful dress and stunning heals!